What would you choose?


Imagine there were two things that happened with you today.

One is good

The other is not so good

First is good, all things considered.

The other is not bad. It’s just not the way you wanted and nothing else.

Now, what you decide to focus your energy, your thoughts on, will decide your future.

Because it’s a universally known and accepted fact that your thoughts build your future.

So, what would you choose?

Most of us would say, ‘I would choose the first’.

Me too.


How difficult it is to ignore the second not so good thing and focus on the first, is something only the one who actually have to do it will know.

We tend to look at the bad first, even though there is good to see right there next to it.

But We are smart and we would choose the good. Right ?


Be smart.

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2019?? Like really????

It’s gonna be 2019 in just few minutes now

And I cannot believe it.

Like really can’t believe it.

I don’t know if anyone else have felt this or not but it just feels like yesterday when it started.

Did time change its pace and is moving forward faster?

And it’s not the first time I felt it.

I have been having this feeling since last two to three years. And some people I have talked to about this, have shared the same opinion.

They all felt the same.

So if time is really moving faster than it used to,

Then we better get to work.

Achieve what we want to.

Be who we want to be.

Be happy.

Be content.

Be grateful.

Because time’s running out.

And we better run with it.

Happy new year

Happy 2019

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Some people filling up carts on online shopping apps.

While some just trying to fill up their stomachs for the day.

Some people buying life insurance of crores of rupees.

While some feel lucky to survive another day.

Some people sleeping on king size beds.

While some on hard, back breaking footpaths.

Some people living in palace like places.

While others in tents along the road.

Some people call the chef complaining about extra salt in their food.

While there are hundreds out there suffering from malnutrition and extreme hunger.

And the list goes on and on and on

And God only knows where it will stop.


Why is the only question I get when I think of it.

Why some people have more than what they need?

And why some have nothing at all?


We can do much more than what we think we are capable of.

Do your deed.

Help someone you find who needs help.

They won’t always ask for your help.

Take a step forward and help if you can.

Thank you.

The Poem – part 8 (the end)

विध्याधन उद्धम बिना कहो जु पावे कौन ।

बिना डुलाए न मिले, ज्यों पंखा की पौन ।।

– वृंद

Knowledge is one of the most precious treasure of the world.

The one who has it, has the ability to do wonders.

It is also of the toughest to get.

You don’t just acquire it. You have to prove yourself worthy enough to have it.

Even if you appoint for yourself the best of the teachers to teach you and help you attain the knowledge, still it is hard to get.

You will have to do the work. Even if they spoon feed you each aspect of it, it is you who will have to chew it down your throat and digest it. Understand it and be able to use it.

Having knowledge and not been able to use it is like having a hand fan in your hand and waiting for the fan to move automatically and give you fresh air.

It is you who will have to move your hand side by side for the hand-fan to move.

Without hard work, there’s no knowledge.

Hard work is the key to everything in this world. This one fact I know for sure.

This was the last part of The Poem.

The link to previous part is here- https://sarikasundesha.wordpress.com/2018/10/07/the-poem-part-7/

I am glad I was able to share it.

It taught me a lot and still teaches.

I hope it was of some use to you all.

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The Poem – part 7

निकी पे फीकी लगें, बिन अवसर की बात ।

जैसे बरनत युद्ध में, रस शृंगार न सुहात ।।


Speak and do whatever that is to be said or done when it’s the right time.

Each action has the most appropriate reaction when it is done at the right time.

If you loose that time, and you think you will do it some other time, then you may get the chance to do it, but it won’t have the necessary effect and then it is useless.

Like what’s the use of a fully energised and ready to fight soldier when the battle’s already lost.

Like the commander wouldn’t want his soldiers to be dressed in tuxedo and ball gowns.

If you’re upset about something, then speak up your mind at that very moment. Sometimes, what we do is, we let it go. We think it’s not okay to say anything now and that we will talk about it, but later.

And later when we talk about it, or even try to, what happens is that, the issue loses its essence, it’s value, and we are the ones who look foolish.

Right timing is everything.

Every timing won’t always be right.

And when it’s right, don’t let it go !!!

This is the second last part of The Poem.

Link to part 6 is here – https://sarikasundesha.wordpress.com/2018/10/03/the-poem-part-6/

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The Poem – part 6

सबे सहायक सबल के, कोउ न निबल सहाय ।

पवन जगावत आग को, दीपहि देत बुझाय ।।


You know how the wind works with fire.

It will ignite it. Make it stronger. Make it more powerful.

But the way it works with a candle.

You light a candle, and if a whoosh of wind comes in, it will put it out.

Fire is already very powerful, it doesn’t need much help from wind, but the candle isn’t and it needs help to survive for long.

Yet the powerful wind helps the powerful fire.

And this is followed by people as well.

For example, rich will help rich to become even richer.

And the strong will protect not those who needs protection, but those who are already strong.

We will help those who are very well able to help themselves, but not the ones who really need helping.

Let the wind help the fire to become more powerful, but let it not extinguish the candle.

The link to part 5 is – https://sarikasundesha.wordpress.com/2018/09/30/the-poem-part-5/

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