Real pain !!!

Others: Heart break is painful.

Me: Oh yea!!! Did you ever bite your tongue while eating a real good meal and then stressing about it for the rest of the meal!!!



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What would you choose?


Imagine there were two things that happened with you today.

One is good

The other is not so good

First is good, all things considered.

The other is not bad. It’s just not the way you wanted and nothing else.

Now, what you decide to focus your energy, your thoughts on, will decide your future.

Because it’s a universally known and accepted fact that your thoughts build your future.

So, what would you choose?

Most of us would say, ‘I would choose the first’.

Me too.


How difficult it is to ignore the second not so good thing and focus on the first, is something only the one who actually have to do it will know.

We tend to look at the bad first, even though there is good to see right there next to it.

But We are smart and we would choose the good. Right ?


Be smart.

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2019?? Like really????

It’s gonna be 2019 in just few minutes now

And I cannot believe it.

Like really can’t believe it.

I don’t know if anyone else have felt this or not but it just feels like yesterday when it started.

Did time change its pace and is moving forward faster?

And it’s not the first time I felt it.

I have been having this feeling since last two to three years. And some people I have talked to about this, have shared the same opinion.

They all felt the same.

So if time is really moving faster than it used to,

Then we better get to work.

Achieve what we want to.

Be who we want to be.

Be happy.

Be content.

Be grateful.

Because time’s running out.

And we better run with it.

Happy new year

Happy 2019

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Too good???

There are some people who would be rude to others and then feel bad about it and curse themselves as to why they behaved in such a way.

I am one of them.

It’s one of the many things that comes with being an introvert. You never say what you want to, let aside raising your tone to make a point.

So when you become strict with someone and talk in that ‘I am your boss, do as I say’ tone, you start feeling guilty about it afterwards.

But you can’t go back to that person and be like ,’I am sorry. I shouldn’t have talked like that’, because what you did was maybe necessary. Bitter medicines are required to recover from fever, right?

And the world is so used to look upon such people as the ones who are always good to everybody, that it is surprised by the sudden change in the behaviour. It never expects them to open their mouth to say something that it doesn’t want to hear.

Being good to everybody is like acting against the introverts.

And not just the introverts, I guess all those who are too good for this world.

The ones with cunning mind achieve a lot in short span. While those who can’t even think bad are left behind.

Your goodness is considered as your weakness, not your strength.

I think only the strong can be kind and good in this world. And it is the ultimate thing to be.

But if in order to keep things in place, in order, if it is necessary to be a little strict, so be it.

Kindness is a strength.

But if someone takes it as a weakness, then you must use bitter medicines to treat the disease, and not feel guilty about it.

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Want It Or Need It?

I am a very talkative person.

I am also an extreme kind of introvert.

So how does both these qualities fit together?

The answer is simple- I mostly talk to myself.

No, I am not mad. I haven’t lost my mind.

It’s just that I have been talking to my inner self since I was a lil girl.

Nothing’s wrong I promise !!! You ain’t reading blogs from a mental girl!!!

So the other day, I was talking to myself about how I want this certain thing to happen ASAP!!!

And after a few minutes into the conversation, I got really irritated.

I started asking questions like, ‘What’s the delay? I am doing everything I can to make it happen. I am doing my bit. Then why can’t I have it now?’

Then suddenly my inner voice asked me, ‘Do you want this thing or do you need it’

I said, ‘What’s the difference?’

It said , ‘Yes there is. There are certain things people want in their lives and there are really few things that people actually need. Wants and needs are both different. And we should learn to differentiate between our wants and needs. Wants will make you greedy. But needs won’t. So tell me do you want this particular thing or do you really need it.’

And I said, ‘I guess I want it now, but will need it after some more time.’

Then It said, ‘Well then, you have your answer. It will come to you when you need it. And not when you want it. But that doesn’t mean you stop your efforts. Do what you must do. Don’t question your efforts because you aren’t getting the desired results. Keep your spirits high and eyes on ground.’

To be honest I wasn’t expecting this kind of answer. But I became really calm after this. And it’s so true, isn’t it?

Do you agree????

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Forgive and forget, really???

I recently read about forgiveness and how it is essential for the growth of our personality and to have inner peace.

But is it so easy to forgive someone for something they did which you feel was not right. Is it really possible to actually forgive for the wrongs they did to you.

And I am not talking about, just saying lines such as, ‘It’s okay’ or ‘I know you didn’t mean it that way’ or ‘Chill, I don’t mind’ or ‘I forgive you’ , etc.

I am talking about not just saying these words but also meaning them. About really forgiving that person and being a well wisher for them.

Can we really do it.

Having no hard feelings for them?

They say forgiveness is the power of the strong. It is not for the weak.

I understand it now.

I really want to forgive someone. I do. But then that person would do something and I’ll be like, ‘No way I’m doing that’.

I think most people would forgive others, but just that. They would forgive them, but how many turn into well wishers for them.

I’ve heard people saying , ‘You know what, I’ll forgive and let the karma handle you’.

I don’t think this is what a well wisher would say or hope karma do take revenge on them, would they?

I also read that by not forgiving, you are crossing the bridge that would allow someone else to forgive you.

It’s so important to forgive. You are always restless. Never at peace. And you keep thinking about the pain others caused you.

All you need to do is forgive them and you’re free. They are free.

But do we really want to be free. If yes, then why don’t we forgive. And mean it too.

All I’ve learnt is that it really is the ability of the strong to forgive. The weak have nothing to do with it.

And I think it would take me a little more time to become strong and do it. And God knows I am trying!!!!

Have you forgiven others and have become their well wishers. Like actually did it and meant it?

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Just me??

Is it just me or

The sky is bluer than yesterday?

The trees are greener?

The birds are chirping new songs?

And the air,

Oh how wonderful it feels to breathe in today.

Is it just me or

The world seems new

Like it was born yesterday ?

Is it just me or

there’s something in the air

That says “Go get it!”

Is it just me

And my imagination or

Do you feel the same?

If no then,

Come and stand where I’m standing.

See what I am seeing.

Listen that I am listening.

And I am sure,

The next time I ask,

Is it just me?

You would say ‘No,

We’re on the same team’.

Thank you for reading ☺️

P.S.- I hope we’re on the same team!!!

Realise And Respect

We never realise what we have until it’s gone.

And when it’s gone, it’s gone. You can’t do much about it, other than being sad for it and maybe learn from the mistake.

But how often do we really learn.

You may have something which for you is no biggie.

But for others, it would mean the world to them.

And I really don’t understand, like why do we need to loose something or someone, to realise it’s importance?

Why can’t we be smart enough to know it?

Like for example, while working on a project, we know we have limited time to complete it. But still we would waste much of the time, only to realise at the end and then rush through it.

Sometimes we know its importance and still take it for granted.

We don’t respect the things we have.

And if you don’t respect what you have, then I believe you don’t deserve it.

Realise before it’s gone.

Respect when you realise it.

Acknowledge those things and those people in your life who contribute to it, no matter how small.

Because if you don’t, then one day it will be gone, they will be gone and all you will be left with is regret.

Thank you for reading ☺️

Little things !!!

If you follow Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman on YouTube, and also follow her vlog channel, where she shares almost everything happening in her life with her fans and subscribers, then you must have heard her talking about how she sometime feels how privileged she is.

When I first saw her talking about it, I thought I understood her. I did really.

But I did not feel it in my life until recently.

And it’s the little things that make you realise it.

Big, expensive things may or may not make that realisation happen. But small, little things do.

And when you do realise how you have something which others might not have, be grateful.

Say your thanks to the universe for putting you in that position.

Try to give back to the society.

If it’s not possible, then the least you can do is to accept the fact that, “Yes I am privileged”.

And see to it that you don’t misuse it in any way.

And by that I don’t mean having the privilege of owning a Ferrari and likes. If you look close enough, you will notice many such things in your day to day life.

It’s really amazing how little things work.

You may not even see them or realise their importance, until you actually see them.

PS- Shoutout to Lilly Singh for making me smile every time!!!😘

Thank you for reading ☺️

Both sides!!!

I’ve heard people say so many times to never compare your lows with someone elses’ highs.

And it’s so true.

The perfect picture we see on someone’s Instagram isn’t always so perfect actually.

On the face of it, some one might be seen as a happy go lucky types. But only that person knows how sad he really is.

We want the world to see everything that is beautiful, while hiding everything that is ugly.

I don’t want to tell them to stop doing this because it’s not right or won’t actually benefit them. It’s their lives and they should decide how they want the world to see them. The real ‘them’ or the not-so-real ‘them’.

I’m just of the view that, if we put in a little more effort in making our backstage scenes as happy as our staged ones, we might not actually need to fake it sometimes.

Instead of focusing on how good the outside image is, if we focus on our insides, our hearts and our minds, the outside image will change automatically into a better one. Into the best version of us, that we deserve.

Let’s not just think about one side.

But both sides.

Inside and outside !!!

Oh how good it feels to write!!!!!😬😬

It’s been such hectic past few months, that I couldn’t write.

But now I’m back!!!!

Feels so good!!!

Thank you for reading !!!☺️