With you

I am done with existing….

I want to start living….

With you !!!!

She said to him with teary eyes.

Her vision was blurred but she could see her entire future with him,

By her side, always and forever.

And for him, who had loved her in all her forms,

He needn’t say yes to the girl kneeling down in front of him.

For words would never really be enough,

He kneeled beside her and pulled her in for a deep kiss,

Clearly not the first and surely not the last.

Thank you for reading ☺️

Just saying !!

Even the highest mountain peak on this earth isn’t satisfied with its length and it grows every year….

Then why are you satisfied with something you know isn’t the best that you can achieve???

Keep on learning…

Keep on improving….

Don’t settle unless it’s the best…

The best for you …

And you know what they…. The sky is the limit, right ???

Thank you for reading ☺️

Remember !!!!

The road to success can surely be a long one. With its ups and downs. Sometimes making you feel as to why in the first place you decided to take this hell upon yourself??

As to why you came out of your comfort zone, willingly, just to be discouraged and put down by life?

The road to your goals and aspirations can surely be one with difficulties.

But remember!!!

Remember why you started??

Remember the reason why you want to achieve those specific goals.

Remind yourself that you just don’t want to but you NEED to achieve them.

And keep reminding yourself of what lies beyond this long and difficult road.

And I’m sure then that this very long and difficult road would turn out to be the one you enjoyed the most!!!

Thank you for reading ☺️☺️

The milk and it’s cream!!

Have seen a bowl of milk getting warmed on a gas stove.

This is a typical scene in almost every Indian household, where your mom tells you to watch over the bowl so the milk doesn’t get spilled over.

And there you are looking at that bowl, unblinking.

But the moment you look away even for a teeny- tiny second, the event you feared has already taken place.

If this has happened to you then I can assume that you have also seen how hot that bowl gets or the milk inside it. How much it heats up so that when it cools down, there’s this thick layer of cream on top of it.

You enjoy that cream without thinking how much that milk had to heat up and get boiled for you to have that cream.

Similarly, you never know how much your parents had to boil in the scorching heat of life for you to have everything you want. How much they suffered and sacrificed even the littlest of things for you to have everything.

We may respect them for this, and love them eternally and show our gratitude all our lives but it is never enough.

Never ever!!!!

You know how sometimes we unintentionally take things for granted. Like we know we shouldn’t but we do. And then we lose it. For good!!!

So what I want to say is…. don’t just eat the cream.

Be grateful that the milk boiled up so much for you.

Be grateful for all things no matter the size.

Be grateful for people in your life. They really are what makes your life beautiful and liveable.

And be happy !!! Because that’s important too you know… like really important 😅😂

P.s- This blog was the result of a conversation I had with my husband. And thanks to him, I’m back to writing.

Thank you for reading ☺️☺️

And I’m back!!!!!!!

Back on WordPress….

Back to doing what I love the most…

Back to writing!!!!

Gosh I’m so happy ☺️☺️

This time around I hope to write blogs that can inspire someone , that can connect to someone and touches one’s soul.

Here’s to positive blogs and much more positive thoughts and life.

Thank you for reading and waiting ☺️☺️